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Expert Searching With Google

I found this site on "Power Searching with Google".  It describes how to get the most out of a google search. For 90% of my searching, a quick & dirty search (which is what I usually do) should be fine.  But that other 10% probably represents half of the time I spend trying to find things.  My usual strategy is to keep banging away & try new search terms.  The course recommends doing exactly that, but here are a few tips that I think will save a LOT of time for more specific searches: When searching for images, use the "search tools" and choose a color.  Black & white, gray, white or black in particular are useful for finding diagrams.Google scholar is great for finding authoritative search results.  I think that it is similar to searching with site:edu, plus some other academic sources.  Note the legal search results - court opinions are much clearer that I would have believed (and a lot more wordy).Site: is useful if you want to restrict to a particul…

The Roman Numeral Kata

I've been pulling together a kata based on converting Roman numerals.  The idea is that after having people refactor this one to something relatively clean, they can test drive a different design.

I haven't settled on a good design just yet, though.  The concepts I want to drive home are:

Excellent namingSmall ModulesLow ComplexitySingle Responsibility Does anyone have a favorite problem space, or a solution to the Roman numeral conversion problem that really drives these home?