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Linking Google Drive Docs with Evernote

There is at least one service (CloudHQ) that will keep them in sync for a fee.  What if your requirements are very lightweight, though?

In my case, I just want to be able to link a Google doc to a note.  What I have been doing is:

Open the doc in Google drive.Click the share button.Copy the link.Paste it in Evernote with Cmd-K, Cmd-V. That's not a difficult workflow, but it isn't as light as it could be.  
As an alternative, try doing a one-time install of the Google Drive app (if you don't see a button to install it at the link, that probably means its already installed on your machine).  Then you can use Evernote's built-in "attach files" button or menu shortcut to put a Google Docs link right in your note.  Just navigate to the right place in your local Google Drive folder and and click 'open'.