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It's More Fun With Two: Pair programming done right

A couple of months ago, I blogged about some of the mechanics of pair programming.  This post is more about the attitudes around it and supporting practices.

Pair programming is often held up as the one true path to good code, but there are some dissenters.  Many of these people aren't naysayers, but instead believe that while pair programming has it's place, so does writing code in blessed solitude.  Some (at least anecdotally) think that pairing is the root of all evil.
The truth isn't somewhere in between.  Pair programming really is coding nirvana, but only if you do it right.
Keys to Success
I have spent the last three years in a software development organization that has strong values around pair programming (after spending 20 years in 23 other organizations that didn't).  It is pretty consistent - most of the seven teams practice nearly 100% pair programming.  Most are pretty good at it.  Some are awesome at it.  In my experience, the following keys are what al…