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Retrospective: The First Coding Dojo

After attending OneDevDay and CodeRetreat, I was gung-ho to get some regular nerdly fun going at my place of business. Accordingly, I pulled together a Wiki site, scheduled a meeting, and "just did it".
It went better than I had hoped it would. I got some great positive feedback from the attendees in our brief retrospective. I got a good vibe from everyone as we were going through the exercise.
I wanted to keep things as informal as possible, but we did follow this minimal schedule: 5:30 - 5:45Food & Conversation 5:45 - 6:00Description of Dojo Format. Choose topic & Codebase 6:00 - 7:20Coding! 7:20 - 7:30Retrospective
The team came up with the following in our retrospective:

What went wellWhat could have gone better
Taking the initiative to do this.
Logistics / room / projector.
Welcoming atmosphere helped everyone dig in.
Small problem domain made it easy to focus on skill.
Everyone wrote code - even the managers!

More QA people should attend
Next time, have someone availabl…