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Too much testing, too little clue

A couple of interesting things shook out of today's retrospective.  It turns out that we're well behind on our targets for the current project, and two of the culprits seem to be:

Too much Selenium testingNo card wall
The evils of Selenium

The right way to do Selenium testing is pretty well covered in Patrick Welsh's blog and in other places.  Talk about great timing - Patrick was at the office today to give a lunchtime talk on this very subject.

The team decided to handle the Selenium problem by writing tests for only the things that we absolutely had to test through the UI.  Most of us (we'll have to revisit this) also agreed that we would keep the Se tests as small as we could get away, with while still retaining a reasonable level of test protection.

VersionOne or card wall?

The second item is something I should have brought up before, but I wasn't sure of it until I had been on the project for a month.  We have been using VersionOne as our story management syste…